Finding Futures believe that every child should achieve and succeed within and above the framework of the Gatsby Benchmarks. We offer provision that provides supportive education, information and guidance about a students future to maximise their potential for success. Our belief is that in order to be successful, we must look at every student holistically, taking into consideration how their early life, learning journey, aspirations, knowledge about the working world and experiences of the world around them will shape their educational and career choices throughout their life. It is our goal to mould confident, resilient and motivated members of society who will achieve their full potential beyond their schooling years and into the working world. 

Finding Futures is run by Kristina Collins, a Level 7 qualified Careers Advisor local to Northamptonshire. Kristina has a passion for ensuring all students access impartial and quality careers guidance as well as the opportunity to increase their self awareness so they make the best choices possible for them.